Five Mobile Website SEO Secrets You Need to Know

As mobile websites grow in popularity and density, there is becoming a steady need for mobile Search Engine Optimization or SEO. But, what exactly is mobile SEO and is it any different from the traditional version? To help you more fully understand this topic, I have put together five quick tips to help your mobile … Continue reading “Five Mobile Website SEO Secrets You Need to Know”

As mobile websites grow in popularity and density, there is becoming a steady need for mobile Search Engine Optimization or SEO. But, what exactly is mobile SEO and is it any different from the traditional version?

To help you more fully understand this topic, I have put together five quick tips to help your mobile site gain higher rankings in the popular mobile search engines.

Create A Mobile Site Map

Without a doubt this is probably the most important step to getting your site indexed. You can get this simple piece of XML code from Google Webmaster Central. Keep the code exactly as it is, place it into your site as detailed by Google, and you’re all set. Remember, a mobile site map must have a name unique from your regular PC sitemap.

Keep Your Titles Short

For the convenience of your site’s users, keep the titles of your posts and pages to a minimum. “25 Mobile Tips To Increase The Profitability Of Your Websites” is a good example of a poor title. Instead, try something like “Profits From Mobile Sites.”

Submit To Mobile Directories

If you have set up your mobile blog properly with plug-ins, etc. then on-page SEO is not much of an issue. However, you still need to submit your blog to mobile directories. The best SEO will not be effective if your blog is not found through links and submissions.

Drive Traffic With Video

As with PC based internet use, mobile surfers are drawn to video. In fact, Google’s mobile web index often returns many YouTube results. This makes sense because Google owns YouTube, but also because of the popularity of the media itself.

Creating short, viral videos with your website URL as the call to action can drive thousands of visitors to you. Plus, others will tend to link to your site when you provide high quality material.

Implement Mobile Web Best Practices

Visit The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) website at This site continues to deliver great tips for mobile SEO.

Mobile website SEO is still in its early stages. Always keep in mind that the best SEO is always going to be great content. Keep your site interesting and relevant and your visitors will continue to come back and even recommend your material to others.

Mobile Sites Boost SEO

Getting your website to be ranked consistently in a high spot on search engines can take both time and money. If you are willing to invest a generous amount of your companies, your own or someone else’s time, you have the chance to be ranked where you are hoping. The same goes for if you are willing to spend a large amount of money to an apparent “next day rankings” online marketing firm. One thing that they don’t tell you, however, is that a lot of your SEO ranking can rise and fall with a good mobile website.

It should be commonplace to know that your SEO rankings can hinge on whether or not your mobile site is responsive, easy to look at and is actually, physically, up on the web. In today’s business world, everyone has a smartphone. It’s just the way that it is. There is more to having a mobile site, making it responsive and making sure that people can read it, though.

The three steps mentioned above may seem cut and dry, but they have more to them. Here is that “more”:

Responsive Design: Creating a mobile website that doesn’t diminish the look of your desktop site is important. When a consumer is switching between seeing your full website at work and then hoping to see something similar when they get on either their phone or tablet, and it’s different, they become less likely to visit your page again.
Easy to Read: One of the more difficult things to get past when it comes to mobile is how big to make the font. You want to make it small enough so you can fit more content, but not big enough where it seems to scream at the reader. Finding that happy medium makes your site easier to read both for the consumer, and the search engines looking through your content.
Have a Mobile Site: As simple as this seems, many companies do not take advantage of mobile sites. Today, you cannot get by without a searchable and usable mobile site if you are wanting to build up your SEO rankings. If your company uses WordPress, many themes already come equipped with code for a mobile ready site. If you have had a company build your site from the ground up, make sure to ask them for a mobile site.

Creating, deploying and making use of a mobile site is a fairly simple process if you have the right people behind your site. Mobile sites are also an easy and effective way to increase rankings without putting much additional effort behind the site, especially if the primary website controls the way that your mobile site looks and feels.

Five Basic SEO Secrets To Developing Mobile Sites

The increase in number of mobile web users has also resulted in an increasing popularity of mobile marketing methods. This has opened up a new door for website owners to optimize their marketing and SEO efforts to rake in more profits than what they are already making.

Speaking of SEO, this is something that should not be missing in any website development process. Thus, it also applies with mobile site design such that it can contribute to the continued increase of your website in search engine rankings. Below are top five secrets that are unveiled to you such that you can achieve a more effective mobile web development project.

Short Titles

Given the limitations in the screen size and resolution when browsing using a mobile device, you need to make life easy and convenient for your users. Keep the titles short yet creative. You must also practice brevity in coming up with contents for your website. Hence, you will not bore your visitors with page after page of contents. Offer them only what they need – no more, no less. Create your titles in a concise manner to ensure that you can elicit responses.

Mobile Site Map

A site map is one of the most important features when developing your website. It basically serves as your user’s guide when navigating your website such that they can easily locate the right page for finding the information they need. Hence, you can incorporate your own mobile site map to facilitate in finding information quickly.

On the other hand, a site map can also contribute to getting your site indexed. You can write down a simple XML code that will be crawled through by Google’s spiders. Make sure you keep the code exactly as it is. Give it a name that is unique from your regular web site’s sitemap.

Increasing Traffic Through Video

A lot of web users are leaning more towards interactive method of promotion online. Hence, the same goes with mobile web users who like to get information on the go and in a rapid manner. You can therefore create a short promotional video that contains your website URL in it such that you can drive visitors to check out your mobile site.

Mobile Directories

Once you have set up your mobile site and it is good to go, submit it to mobile directories. It is not enough that you rely on on-page SEO optimization for your mobile site. You must also work on advancing your off-page SEO efforts. Choose mobile directories that receive a steady stream of heavy traffic on a daily basis such that you can leverage that traffic to boost your own mobile site’s SEO.

Mobile Web Design Practices

This is the most important thing to remember if you want your mobile site to perform well in the search engines. You need to incorporate mobile website SEO right from the early stages of development such that all the other efforts you do are merely intended to boost your current performance.

Let’s Go Mobile With SEO

Determined entrepreneurs are always looking for different ways to market to their target audience. Through the past few years, smart phones have increasingly grown in popularity. For the most part, we all have our own nifty little smart phone that we love so much. The iPhone, Blackberry, and Android, to name a few, are booming these days. With approximately 60 million people using their cell phones to search the web daily, this means big opportunities for any business venture. That’s right, nearly 60 million!

Now, you’re probably wondering, how can I tap into this market? The answer is easy- Go Mobile – Mobile SEO. Create a Mobile Website that caters to your niche market. Times are changing and technology is definitely advancing before our very eyes. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel, just mold it to fit your product or service. Better yet, mold it to meet the direction your market is heading. This will help you save time and make you more money.

Google provides a free “Keyword Tool” that helps to identify what your market is searching. People using their phones to find specific products or services are looking for a QUICK fix. So all the mumbo-jumbo that is usually placed in the beginning of a website should not be used on a mobile site. Your content should be welcoming and straight to the point of what your website is about. Less is more when it comes to mobile browsing!

Producing a plan for mobile optimization will position your website for profits. Approximately 60 million potential customers are using mobile devices to surf the web today. If your site is not mobile ready, it is safe to assume that you are missing out on quite a bit.

You must know what you want out of your mobile website. Having all the fancy images and flashy graphics won’t be necessary. If you think the general public’s attention span is short during a television commercial or during a speech, it is even shorter when using a mobile phone for internet browsing. You have to get to the point, and get to it quickly. Are you looking to go mobile just because it is a trend or your actually looking to attract more customers? There are a few FREE mobile site companies that will be of great help to you, such as: Zinadoo(DOT)com, Wapple(DOT)net and Mofuse(DOT)com. Good luck.

SEO for Mobile Websites

Mobile websites are the new trend of the future. There are now so many cell phones in use that you would be missing out on a lot of traffic if you did not utilize these types of websites. These sites have their own search engines and need their own form of SEO or search engine optimization. Search engines for these sites are still quite new so this means that you must take a few steps to fully optimize your mobile website.

The first thing to do is to make sure that your site loads quickly and the content comes up correctly on a mobile phone. In order to do this you will need to make sure your content is optimized and be sure the files are as small as possible. Use all the usual SEO white hat tactics that you would use with a regular site. Be sure to insert the right HTML tags.

It is wise to make a mobile site map. You can do this at Google Webmaster Central. Here you will find some XML code to insert into your mobile websites which will help you to set this site map up. A key point to remember is to insert the HTML tag into the XML code. This will ensure that your site will get crawled by the mobile search engines. Read through Google’s instructions carefully to get this right. Submit your site map to Google Webmasters.

Your domain name should be short and relevant. This will ensure that your site is remembered by visitors and indexed better. Try to use your main keyword for the domain name. Remember to submit your blogs to the mobile directories. This will help you to get noticed. Submit your mobile websites to the Google mobile site index. This is a little slow and will take about 2 weeks to be indexed. In the meantime try to submit blogs to the directories. It is important to do social networking SEO with your Mobile SEO as these two techniques go together and form a very powerful marketing tool.

There are many benefits of SEO for these sites. As mentioned with all the mobile phones and apps out there you will be drawing on a huge market. Mobile SEO ensures that you attract targeted people to your website. It is a little work at first but the extra traffic will be well worth it and once you have optimized your mobile websites you will not have to do it again. You should be on the lookout for new trends and techniques as this is a fairly new form of marketing